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My mini World

Welcome to my Geekdom

8 February
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The life of a 21 year old Geek mom.
alcohol, ancient world history, anime, ann rice, archaeology, arthurian legend, atari, bamf, bamf!, batman, beer, beetlejuice, being in love, black mage, breakfast club, capes, care bears, cats, children, chinese food, chocobos, chocolate, chrono trigger, clerks cartoon, clothes, coffee, colossus, comics, cyclops sucks, data, days off, decepticons, destiny, dogs, donatello, dragon lance, dreams, drew carrey, each new day, egyptology, elves, fall days, family guy, final fantasy, forensics, fox mulder, friends, futurama, gameboy, gannon, gargoyles, geeks, grumpy bear, he-man, him, history, hobbits, honor, hot topic, humor, ice cream, innocence, inu yasha, james howlett, jay and silent bob, kefka, klingons, kurt wagner, laughing, learning new things, legend of zelda, legolas, link, logan, lord of the rings, luigi, making others happy, making others smile, mario, marvel comics, megatron, mel brooks, mojo jojo, monk, monty python, moogles, movies, my daughter!!, my friends, my little pony, mystery, mythology, nightcrawler, nintendo, ororo munroe, pacman, peter rasputin, piotr, playstation, powerpuff girls, raphael, reading, ren faires, renaissance faires, reservior dogs, rironi kenshin, robotech, rocky horror picture show, rpgs, samuri jack, saved by the bell, scooby doo, shaggy, she-ra, shopping, simpsons, singing, sixth sense, sleep, snikt, snikt!, spaceballs, spiderman, spring days, star trek, star wars, storm, sunday nights, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the 80s, the justice league, the last unicorn, the muppets, the smurfs, thundercats, transformers, trigun, uss enterprise d, vampire hunter d, vampires, vash the stampede, velma, video games, wolverine, worf, writing, x-files, x-men